Om Ayurveda since 2012

Om Ayurveda symbolizes genuine Organic food. And Om Ayurveda is synonymous with health and happiness. Om Ayurveda isn’t just about better flavor and nutrition, it is reducing the harm to human health and to be in harmony with nature.

We promise Fresh Organic Products at the Best Value

Omayurvedas is a caring family owned and managed business that delivers Certified Organic fresh products to the homes of hundreds of families all over India. Our quality Certified Organic produce comes straight from the farmers to your door in no time! We are committed to all things organic and are teaching our four beautiful and healthy children the 'full circle' benefits of leading an organic lifestyle.

We strive with our Farmers

Omayurvedas produce is not easy, our farmers have to work extra hard to protect the crops. We extend the knowledge and research of Agri Scientist to our Farmers to be able to grow their crops in a sustainable manner. We also promise them the patronage of customers who are willing to commit to them on a long term basis. There is surety of demand and that of right prices for their efforts otherwise eaten into by Traders.

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